Postdoctoral Fellowships

Selected Candidates for NBHM Post-Doctoral Fellowship:
NEW RESULT:  Post-Doctoral Fellowship 2021 (Part 1)
1.  Akshay Goel (Kyushu University-Japan)
2.  Amar Deep Sarkar (IISc) 
3.  Animesh Lahiri (Vidyamandira, Belur-ISI)
4.  Anindya Ghatak (NISER) 
5.  Aritra Bhowmick (ISI-Kolkata)
6.  Bidisha Roy (HRI)
7.  Gargi Ghosh (IISER-Kolkata)
8.  Girish Kulkarni (IISER Pune) 
9.  Jayanta Sarkar (ISI-Kolkata) 
10. Kalachand Shuin (IISER-Bhopal) 
11. Manoj Prajapati (JNU) 
12. Mithun Kumar Das (HRI) 
13. Neeraj Kumar Dhanwani (IISER-Bhopal)
14. Neeraj Singh Bhauryal (TIFR CAM)
15. Nilkantha Das (NISER) 
16. Paramita Pramanick (IISc) 
17. Rohit Suhas Joshi (IISER-Pune) 
18. Rupam Karmakar (IMSc) 
19. Pramath A.V. (IISc)
20. Sampa Dey (IIT-Madras) 
21. Samriddho Roy (IIT-Bombay)
22. Soumyarup Banerjee (HRI)
23. Sekhar Ghosh (NIT-Rourkela)
24. Soumya Dey (IISER-Mohali)
25. Soumyadip Das (ISI-Bangalore) 
26. Sourav Das (CMI-Chennai) 
27. Suvrajit Bhattachrjee (ISI-Kolkata)
28. Vivek Kumar (IIT-Rourkee)

Post-Doctoral Fellowship 2020 (Part II):
1.  Abhishek Banerjee (IIT Roorkee)
2.  Amit Kumar Singh (IIT Madras)
3.  Amlan Kanti Halder (Pondicherry University)
4.  Arindam Dey (IIT Guwahati)
5.  ARUSHA C (IISER Bhopal)
6.  Biltu Dan, ISI Kolkata
7.  Chaitanya G K, NITK Surathkal, Mangalore.
8.  Chiranjit Ray (IIT Delhi, Guwahati)
9.  Goutam Satpati (IIT Kharagpur)
10. Jyothsnaa Sivaraman (IMSc)
11. Kajal Das (ENS Lyon)
12. Kalane Sagar (IISER Mohali) 
13. Krishanu Roy (IMSc)
14. Lateef Wani (IIT Roorkee)
15. Manoj Kumar (IIT Delhi) 1
16. Nabeen Kumar Meher, HRI Allahabad.
17. Nilanjan Bag (IIT Guwahati)
18. Nupur Patankar (IISER Bhopal)
19. Pranendu Darbar IMSc
20. Praveen Kumar Roy CMI
21. Rahul Kumar IIT, Gandhinagar
22. Ranjan Bera IIT, Hyderabad
23. Rakesh Pawar, TIFR Mumbai.
24. Rohit Suhas Joshi IISER, Pune
25. Samir Shukla IIT, Kanpur
26. Samya Kumar Ray IIT, Kanpur
27. Sheela Verma IIT Kanpur
28. Sibaprasad Barik, IIT Bombay,
29. Sugato Mukhopadhyay, ISI Kolkata,
30. Sukrit Chakraborty, ISI Kolkata,
31. Sumit K. Rano, IIT Guwahati,
32. Sushil Bhunia, IISER Pune,
33. Tania Sidana III T Delhi.
Post Doctoral Fellowship 2020 (Part I):
1. Abhishek Juyal (MNNIT, Allahabad)
2. Alok Kumar Yadav (JNU)
3. Ananya Chaturvedi (Houston)
4. Anwoy Maitra (IISc)
5. Apurba Das (ISI Kolkata)
6. Arati Shashi (IIT, Chennai)
7. Arvind Kumar (HRI, at TIFR now)
8. Bidisha Roy (HRI, at TIFR now)
9. Dibyendu Mondal (IIT Bombay)
10. Devendra Tiwari, (Delhi University)
11. Gurleen Kaur (Panjab University, Chandigarh)
12. Jaitra Chattopadhyay (HRI, Allahabad)
13. Jyoti Dasgupta (IIT Madras)
14. Kummari Mallesham (HRI Allahabad)
15. Mihir Sheth (PhD from Germany, post-doc at TIFR Mumbai)
16. Mithun Bhowmik (ISI Kolkata)
17. Monojit Bhattacharjee (IISc, Bangalore, now post-doc at IIT Bombay)
18. Muna Naik (ISI, Kolkata)
19. Nabin Kumar Meher (HRI, Allahabad 2018)
20. Nirupam Ghosh (IIT Kharagpur 2019)
21. Pinka Dey (IISER, Mohali 2019)
22. Poornapushkala Narayanan (PhD IIT Madras 2018, now at TIFR)
23. Prasanta Kumar Barik (IIT, Roorkee 2018)
24. Ranjan Kumar Das (IIT Guwahati, 2019)
25. Ritwik Pal (IISc 2020)
26. Samir Kar (IIT Madras 2019)
27. Sarjick Bakshi (CMI)
28. Shraddha Srivastava (CMI)
29. Suraj Khurana (IIT Ropar)
30. Tathagata Mandal (IISER Pune)
31. Swadesh Pal (IIT Kanpur)
32. Swaraj Paul (Viswa Bharati, Shanti Niketa)
33. Yashpreet Kaur (IISER Mohali)

RESULT - Post Doctoral Fellowship 2019 (Part 2) - [click here]

Every year, NBHM offers postdoctoral fellowships to selected young mathematicians who have completed their Ph.D. degree in mathematics. The postdoctoral fellowships (PDF) are intended for mathematicians below the age of 35 who have a doctoral degree or equivalent published research work. Persons who have submitted their dissertations for a Ph.D. degree are also eligible to apply. 
 A candidate can apply for the award of PDF any time. However, applications will be considered twice a year with deadlines of January 01, and July 01 of the year, but for the year 2016, it will, instead of January 01 be April 01. 
The application should consist of:

  1. A completed Post Doctoral Fellow application summary form (see,  as the first page of application. Please convert the .doc file to .pdf  format before submitting. 
  2. Up to two pages of  synopsis of the thesis, and/or related work. 
  3. If none of the candidate's papers has been accepted for publication, a copy of the candidate's thesis has to be attached. However, if at least one paper has been accepted, do not send the thesis, or any paper. Instead, supply the link from where the paper can be accessed.   
  4. Arrange to send 3 letters of recommendations directly to NBHM office, with one preferably by the thesis advisor, and one from someone who knows the candidate's work from outside the home institution. 

The postdoctoral fellowship consists of:

  1. Rs. 32,000/- per month for those who have submitted PhD thesis and yet to receive their official degree. 
  2. Rs. 36000/- per month for fresh PDF with Ph.D degree, 
  3. Rs. 38000/- per month for PDF with Ph.D degree & one year experience and 
  4. Rs. 40000/- per month for PDF with Ph.D degree & two or more years experience  

and a contingency grant of Rs. 32,000/- (Rs. Thirty-two Thousand only) per year. 
The fellowship is tenable for two years in the first instance, and is extendable for a third year after a review by NBHM. Years are to be counted from the date of joining. The fellowship normally commences from 1st of a calendar month. The detailed rules and regulations are given below. Further details may be found in Office Memorandum No. 10/1(21)/2014/Fellowship/R&D-II/3943 dated March 24, 2015. 
Rules and Regulations Governing the NBHM Postdoctoral Fellowship 
 The applicant under this scheme must be an Indian national. 
 The postdoctoral fellowship is tenable at any Indian university/research institution (other than DAE aided institutions) where the necessary facilities exist for undertaking research work in an approved subject chosen by the postdoctoral fellow.  
The postdoctoral fellow will be entited to leave as per the rules of the host university/institution. The Head of the Institution/Department can grant leave of any kind due and admissible to a postdoctoral fellow and send an intimation to DAE. Long leave, if any, without payment of fellowship will be allowed for a total period not exceeding six months during the entire tenure of the fellowship. The leave granted without payment of fellowship will count towards tenure of the fellowship. 
 For women postdoctoral fellows, full stipend plus House Rent Allowance (HRA), if any, may be paid per month during the period of absence on grounds of maternity. It is expected that the fellow will make up the deficiency during the remaining period. 
The contingency grant can be utilized for the following:

  1. Acquisition of books, journals  and documents of relevance to the research topic provided these are not available in the library of the university/institution. (The requisition is to be recommended by the supervisor and approved by the head of the department. The books will become the property of the university/institution library after purchase and could be issued to the supervisor/fellow after accession for use by the indenting postdoctoral fellow till his/her fellowship is over.)
  2.  Photographic material for research work
  3.  Purchase of computer software or hardware.
  4.  Reprints/offprints of research papers.
  5.  Stationery and postal charges.
  6.  Typing costs of research papers.
  7.  Registration fee and travel for attending conferences.
  8.  Any other purpose specifically authorized by NBHM/DAE.

The contingency grant cannot be utilized for purchase of furniture or office equipment. 
 The reimbursement of actual cost of work related travel other than indicated above, tuition fee, registration fee, thesis evaluation fee and any other similar fee, wherever applicable, paid by the students/research scholars to the Universities will not be a part of the ``Contingency Grant'' and would be borne by the concerned Unit/Institution from their non-plan budget.
The Contingency grant will be paid on reimbursement basis against the actual bills.   
House Rent Allowance (HRA) 
The postdoctoral fellow should be provided hostel/subsidized accommodation wherever available and those residing in accommodation provided by the Institute will not be eligible for drawing House Rent Allowance (HRA). Where this is not possible, House Rent Allowance as per Central Government norms in the city/location where they are working will be paid on the basis of a certificate by the competent authority (from the institution) as to nonavailability of hostel/subsidized accommodation. The fellowship amount may be taken as basic for calculating the HRA. 
The host university/research institution should furnish the following :

  1. A certificate that the postdoctoral fellow has joined the institution for undertaking research work in an approved subject chosen by him/her along with a copy of his/her Joining Report indicating the actual date of joining. 
  2. A certificate that all the necessary facilities for undertaking research work in an approved subject as chosen by the postdoctoral fellow will be provided by the Institution. 

 If the university/institution has not provided subsidized/hostel accommodation and if the postdoctoral fellow has made his/her own arrangement for accommodation, then a certificate to this effect to support the claim for house rent allowance
The institution will receive the fellowship amount from DAE and make monthly payment of the fellowship to the postdoctoral fellow in the prescribed manner. 
The institution should undertake to keep Subsidiary Accounts and furnish Utilization Certificate and Statement of Accounts along with refund. The refund should be in the form of cheque or DD drawn in favour of "Pay and Accounts Officer, DAE". 
in respect of the amount received by them from time to time. An annual report  of the work done along with Utilization Certificate and Statement of Accounts duly signed by the guide and head of the institution with suitable recommendation of further grant, if any, will be submitted to DAE through the Member-Secretary, NBHM, 1st Floor, OYC Building, C.S.M. Marg, Mumbai 400 001. 
He/She must be a full time researcher and subscribe to the regulations of the university/institute where he/she works. (The department may ensure regular attendance of the fellow by keeping an attendance register.) The postdoctoral fellow is not to take any assignment other than related to his/her approved research programme, paid or unpaid. His/Her taking up paid assignment at any time in the course of fellowship may lead to disciplinary action and the fellow being asked to pay back the entire fellowship amount. 
In case a fellow decides to appear for a competitive examination he/she should invariably seek permission from the Guide and inform DAE about it. 
The postdoctoral fellow shall submit to DAE an Annual Report on the progress of his/her work through his/her guide. The annual progress report, complete in all respects, must be sent to the Member-Secretary, NBHM within 15 days of the completion of each year. Years are to be counted from the date of joining. 
Once a postdoctoral fellow accepts the fellowship and joins, it is incumbent on him/her to continue the research for the normal tenure (or shorter duration) so that the original objectives of the research problem have been achieved. No postdoctoral fellow shall discontinue his/her fellowship without prior approval of DAE. In case he/she wishes to discontinue the fellowship prior to completion of the tenure on attainment of original objectives of research or for some other reasons, he/she must submit the resignation to DAE through the guide one month in advance, indicating specific reasons for not continuing the fellowship. The fellowship shall cease from the date stipulated in the DAE letter approving the resignation. Abrupt discontinuance of the fellowship without concurrence of DAE may lead to disciplinary action. 
The postdoctoral fellow must send a detailed consolidated report of the research work done during the entire period of fellowship on completion of the tenure/resignation of the fellowship through the head of the institution/department to DAE. During the tenure of the fellowship, the fellow shall correspond with DAE or NBHM only through the head of the institution. 
 The post doctoral fellow shall keep DAE informed about his/her getting any higher  degree/acceptance/publication of any research paper arising out of the research work done during the tenure of the fellowship. He/she must acknowledge the support of DAE (Government of India) in the publications. One copy each of all the research papers published must be sent to DAE, at each stage of publication (manuscript/reprint). 
The postdoctoral fellow may, on the recommendation of the guide, undertake honorary demonstration and teaching work provided the demand made on his/her time does not exceed six hours in a week and it would not hinder the progress of Research. DAE should be informed in such cases. 
 A postdoctoral fellow may be permitted by DAE, provided his/her university/ institute has no objection, to take temporary paid lectureship/research job in a recognized R&D Institution/university, college/institute of repute/recognized public and private sector Organization/industrial firms and other recognized institutions/PDF Studies in India and abroad for a period not exceeding six months during the entire tenure of the fellowship. The fellow will not be entitled to stipend and contingency grant during such leave. Such leave can be taken only after joining and serving at least six months as a post doctoral fellow. He/She has to report for duty at the same place from where he/she proceeded on leave. Such leave period will be counted in the tenure and the post doctoral fellow will not be entitled to any extension of fellowship to compensate for such leave.