Panorama Lectures

The role of mathematics in every human endeavour has been increasing rapidly over the last several decades. And Mathematics itself has grown at a tremendous pace over these years. It is important that our mathematical community keeps pace with these developments. Members of the community and students need exposure to these fast developments. The Mathematical Panorama Lectures is a series of short courses on diverse mathematical topics planned by NBHM to meet this need. The courses are to be given by outstanding experts in the different fields at suitable venues in different metros. Many of them will be arranged in Bangalore with the cooperation of the Indian Institute of Science. Each course will attempt to take its audience through a mathematical topic of current interest beginning from some basic material and leading up to some relatively recent developments in the field. The courses will provide opportunities for mathematicians to get acquainted with areas with which they are not familiar, and also serve as introductions to these areas to students and research scholars. NBHM expects these courses to encourage the spread of wide scholarship in mathematics in the mathematical community, especially among the up-coming generation of talented youngsters. It is also proposed to video record the lectures and make them accessible from various websites. The first in the series was delivered by Prof. S. Ramanan. The video recordings of the lectures are not available any longer.