Visiting Professorship

NBHM provides funds to university departments and other institutions for inviting eminent mathematicians from within India or abroad for lectures, joint work and other academic activities.
Proposals for this may be submitted by mathematicians working in the institution of higher learning, and should be endorsed by the heads of the department and the institution.
A foreign mathematician of eminence can be invited on the following terms:

  1. He/She should spend at least two months in India, of which at least one month should be at a single institution.
  2. He/She is expected to give a series of lectures in his field of interest and also visit other institutions.
  3. Proposals for such visitors should be sent at least one year before the proposed date of visit. The proposal should include a curriculum vitae of the person to be invited and a detailed statement on the benefits expected from such visit.

Once approved, the visitor is paid round trip excursion airfare from his/her country of residence to the airport nearest to the host institution in India and a sum of Rs. 15,000/- for travel within India. In addition, the visitor is eligible for a monthly honorarium ranging from Rs. 60,000/- to Rs. 75,000/-. The amount of honorarium is decided by NBHM.
The host institution must make all arrangements related to the visit such as visa, RBI permission etc. Proposals for visiting mathematicians from within the country are also considered by NBHM. Such visits can also be organized over a period of years enabling a group to have the benefit of repeated interaction with a leading expert in the field.