Instructional Schools

BHM organizes instructional schools periodically in areas of mathematics of current interest. The aim of such schools is to expose mathematicians as well young students working for their Ph.D. degrees to these areas of mathematics. The proposals for these Schools need to be submitted in a given proforma and must the following information:

  • Topic or area of mathematics;
  • Names of speakers and;
  • Expected number of participants


The school is expected to last for three to four weeks. All expenses towards TA/DA for participants and speakers are borne by NBHM according to Government norms. The present guidelines towards payment of TA/DA to participants are described below: Norms for incurring expenditure on an Instructional Schools and Conferences fully funded by NBHM (Figures/entitlements shown represent upper limits which should be adhered to subject to total expenditure not exceeding the budget sanctioned by NBHM.)

Travel: Participants: 1st class or sleeper class train fare, depending upon entitlement as per norms of the host institution. Speakers: 2nd AC sleeper or 1st class train fare. For any local/additional transport, reimbursement of actual expenses may be made to both participants and speakers subject to norms of the host institution.

Lodging and boarding:

For outstation speakers: Rs. 150 per person per day.

For outstation participants: Rs. 100 per person per day.

Boarding only for local speakers/participants: Rs. 40 per person per day (cash disbursement to be avoided)

Honorarium: Rs. 150 per lecture

Kit (bag, folder, pad, pen, badge, etc): Rs.100 per person.

Refreshments (tea, coffee, snacks): Rs. 10 per person per day

Lecture notes/course material/books : Rs. 15,000

Contingency (stationery, secretarial help, postage etc): Rs. 10,000

Subsidy towards cultural programme/excursion: Rs 5,000